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Preparation & Refinement of Postdocs in STEM for Discipline-Based Education Research

Project Description

We are an NSF sponsored Post-Doctoral Fellows program called Preparation and Refinement of Postdoctoral Scholars in STEM for Discipline Based Education Research (PROPS 4 DBER) at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Our two-year program aims to leverage the strong interdisciplinary DBER community at MTSU to provide professional development opportunities for postdoctoral scholars with Ph.D.'s in the STEM fields who want to become strong discipline-based education researchers. Our program provides mentorship, training, and resources to help postdocs develop their research skills, enhance their teaching abilities, and advance their careers in academia. We also collaborate with faculty and other researchers to conduct cutting-edge research in STEM education.

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Research Theme

PROPS 4 DBER Fellows will have the opportunity to work on a variety of collaborative and independent research projects. Our programmatic research theme is STEM Faculty Teaching Professional Development. Our interdisciplinary teams of faculty study a variety of issues related to this theme including graduate student professional learning, faculty teaching professional development in evidence-based and inclusive pedagogies, teacher leader identity development, as well as other areas of study. For more detailed information about the research we conduct click on the button below.  

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